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Eliminate painting stresses with attractive painting offers and packages


Atlas Painting Edmonton offers a plethora of quality painting packages that are budget friendly. Choose any paint package basing on your needs and choices. We can paint your home and workplace in the most professional manner and add a wow factor. When paint preparation and the painting task can be dirty, we help you out to paint the spaces in the most hassle free manner. We have the talent to monitor the weather to schedule your paint in a way that things move on smoothly. It is great to learn that we buy paint supplies and other accessories in huge quantities to save large amount of money and thus pass on the discounts to you. We stand behind the professionally applied packages for painting. We have specialty in offering paint application equipments for protective coating and industrial purposes.

Atlas Painting Edmonton works in close association with protective coating manufacturers just to ensure that you get a coating application system which is most applicable to you. If your painting project needs plural component equipments like conventional spray system, fast-set, airless, or electrostatic, etc, we have you covered here. For the application of protective coating, there must be consistent pressure on the gun for an even film. We have the technical experience and great capability to assist you no matter what painting project you undertook.


We have produced Paint Coating Application Equipment which can spray the toughest coating with the least running costs and the highest production cost. We offer professional painting services and assistance for decades and thus we are the best in the area. You can check out our painting packages and offers and choose the one as per your needs.

Each of the painting packages you find here are tailored across to your needs and budget. Choose among basic, preferred and premium packages. You can also discuss out the packages with our paint experts.

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